The C2 Capital Group assists its customers meet a variety of financing needs. We have provided funding to meet the following needs:

  • Annual crop financing
  • Asset based lines of credit for cash flow swings (A/Rs and Inventory)
  • Permanent planting developments
  • Equipment acquisitions
  • Recapitalization
  • New construction
  • Real estate acquisitions
  • Livestock lines of credit

Recently, due to competitive market conditions, the distinction between long term and short term lenders has become blurred. We’ve learned that in many situations the optimum credit structure may be better established with multiple lending relationships as opposed to one. This may also be an opportunity to diversify a company’s exposure to a single lender’s financial stability.


How You Benefit

In additon to providing capital, a primary objective of C2 Capital is to provide an unbiased, high quality source of current market information from which our customers are able to make a credit decision. The results have been manifested in:

  • Enhanced cash flow and earnings
  • Reduced borrowing costs
  • Manageable loan covenants
  • Proper loan structures which are consistent with business objectives
  • Mitigation of personal liability
  • Accurate market information
  • More effective use of time
  • Peace of mind

Please call us when changes occur effecting your capital needs.


Real Estate Brokerage

The principals of C2 Capital Group have spent over 20 years in real estate brokerage and closed in excess of $100 Million in transactions. As a result, the C2 Capital Group has become one of the most well regarded agricultural real estate companies within California.

Many of our customers are experiencing a transition between generations, partnership dissolutions, estate planning and/or want to capitalize on the real estate market place.
When listing a property for sale, we scour the market thoroughly for comparable sales in order to arrive at a recommend a listing price and terms. Our analysis addresses the three approaches to value augmented by current market trends and implications of the tax code.

When selling real estate we identify the target market of prospects and use all the tools available including existing relationships, broker cooperation, internet marketing, brochures, domestic contacts, international contacts and institutional investors. This ensures that our client’s asset receives maximum exposure in the shortest period of time enabling them to accomplish their desired goals.

Many of the sales involve the deferral of a capital gain utilizing the Starker transaction. Our relationships within the tax and legal communities have assisted our client’s tax planning prior to the sale of the property. This enables our clients to make informed decisions about their estate and tax planning.

When representing the buyer we approach the offer in a similar fashion, understanding the value of the subject property tempered with the current market conditions.  Sellers have different motivations. We endeavor to understand them and advise our customers prior to entering into the negotiations.

Once a sales contract has been executed we become a co-manager of the escrow. We work with all the parties to ensure that the title work, legal, time frames and contingencies are met. There are times when post closing conditions need to be addressed. We’re here to facilitate this.

96 acre almond orchard Merced County
186 acres of undeveloped farm land in Merced County
244 acres of undeveloped farmland in Merced County
234 acre wine grape vineyard in Yolo County